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24 May 2019


Welcome to the e-newsletter for members, supporters and friends of Witham & Braintree Green Party

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2019 Local elections - what a night !

The local elections locally and nationally brought unprecedented success for the Green Party.

On the doorstep it was clear that many voters would not be supporting Conservative or Labour and we thought we might do quite well. But not that well !

On Braintree District Council we went from 1 seat to 6 and together with our Co-operation Agreement partners in Coggeshall the Green & Independent Group of 8 councillors now forms the main opposition to the Tories on BDC.

In Colchester Borough - at last - the Greens took Castle ward after so many near-misses and we added a third seat in Epping Forest District.

So we now have 13 district/borough seats and 1 county seat (up 7) in Essex plus there were many Greens elected to town and parish councils including in Saffron Walden; and we return again to Witham Town Council with 2 seats.

Nationally the gains were extraordinary – easily the best in the 46 year history of the party. We went up from 178 councillors on principal authorities to 362 councillors and representation expanded to 122 councils, an increase of 53.

The local full district results can be found on Braintree District Council's website. The highlights were:

Silver End & Cressing ward – James Abbott was re-elected (20 years and still standing !) and Bob Wright returns to BDC after a 4 year gap taking a seat from the Tories. Record majorities for James and Bob over all other parties.

Witham North ward – the long awaited breakthrough. We took both seats, one from Labour and one from the Conservatives. Michelle Weeks elected for the first time to BDC – and also elected to Witham Town Council. Steve Hicks, a former Green Town Councillor was elected to BDC and he also returns to the Town Council.

Kelvedon & Feering ward – the big surprise. Greens gain 2 seats from the Conservatives in what used to be a safe blue ward. Jenny Sandum and Paul Thorogood elected for the first time to BDC.


30 years

This June marks 30 years since the formation of Witham and Braintree Green Party and we are planning an event on 14th or 15th June. This will not be an overtly political event – more a get together of members and families and friends and we are particularly keen that members who have not come to a meeting before are welcome. Details tbc in the June newsletter.

On that subject as part of the "Green Wave" we are getting a new member at a rate of about one per day at present - nationally it is one every few minutes !

To those receiving this newsletter for the first time, welcome aboard.


Green Drinks

Please note that we have decided to change the venue of our Green Drinks Evening. We will now meet at the Western Arms, Silver End. The next Green drinks will be on 20th of June, at 7:30. Please join and meet us.



Compared to the "big two" parties (and it seems Farage) who benefit from major donors, we run our local party, campaigns and elections on very small budgets. Our local election campaign came in at around £2000 in total.

Once again we are very appreciative that members and supporters have been so generous in making sure that we not only reached, but exceeded, our target for fundraising for these elections. However our bank account is now almost drained !

Looking ahead, with many more councillors and ambitions to do even better at the next elections, we will need to raise more funds.

One way we have successfully done this in recent years is by getting members to pay a small amount each month direct to our account. As more are doing this every year funds build up. Our only other sources of income are one-off donations and the national party share of subscriptions.



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