Press Statement from Cllr James Abbott (District and County Councillor for Silver End)

24 March 2018

Green Councillor slams Essex County Council's lack of effective repairs to B1018 "Cressing bends" as "abject failure to maintain the road and path for road users and pedestrians"

Despite YEARS of requests to Essex County Council from residents and councillors, the Cressing bends on the B1018 remain in a very poor state, with some local residents saying the path is too dangerous to use and damage to the road surface getting worse – causing shuddering vibrations when driven over. The potholes are also a potential danger to cyclists.

Cllr. James Abbott and other local councillors and residents have consistently called on Essex County Council to repair the road properly and to rebuild the footway to an acceptable standard. A longer term scheme has been discussed at the Braintree Local Highways Panel, but this could be some years away and may be dependant on development schemes in the area.

Cllr Abbott was at one stage told by ECC that an interim scheme would be put in place to protect the footway from HGV damage but this was then cancelled.

Cllr James Abbott said

"Essex County Council pumps out press releases telling everyone how great they are, including that they won "Transport Local Authority of the Year" in 2017

In the ECC press release celebrating that they had won this award they boasted of how they were delivering for taxpayers. Well they are not doing so for taxpayers on this issue - where ECC has been repeatedly asked for this section of road and footway on the B1018 to be repaired. The road surface is deeply worn away on the bend and the kerbstones are smashed to pieces. The footway is an utter disgrace and its condition is a disincentive to people who simply wish to walk from Cressing into Braintree to shop, work or for other reasons.

The County Council should get on and make the repairs. This has been an issue for years now and amounts to an abject failure to maintain the road and path for road users and pedestrians".


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