Witham and Braintree Green Party has 1 district councillor on Braintree District Council, 1 county councillor on Essex County Council and councillors on a number of local parish councils.

Braintree District Councillors

Silver End and Cressing (including Rivenhall) ward

Cllr James AbbottCllr. James Abbott

01376 584576














Parish Councillors

Silver End Parish Council

Cllr. Philip Hughes



Rivenhall Parish Council

Cllr. James Abbott

Cllr. Howard Bills

Cllr. Bob Wright 

James Abbott, Bob Wright and Howard Bills sit on Rivenhall Parish as non political.




Turn Witham & Braintree Green

Councillors Achievements

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Good Energy

Switch to Good Energy and they will donate £50 to the Green Party

Switch to green electricity with Good Energy and they will give us £50 for everyone who joins them quoting GE2223 via the Good Energy website.

Ecotricity Green Electricity

Switch to Ecotricity

Switch electricity and/or biogas and they will donate up to £60 to us for every new residential customer. If switching both electricity and biogas, the firm will donate £60 to us. For switching just electricity, it’s £40; for just biogas, the donation is £20.  Use this link >>> and quote the code ERGP1.